How to contribute to FG42

Wow, thanks for your interest in helping out with FG42. Let this document serve as your guide.

Looking for work?

If you're looking for a task to work on, check out the dev file. We keepe our big TODOs there. Or reach out to @lxsameer to talk about the possiblities.

New Features

FG42 is the thinking persons editor, so for major contribution, start with some deeeep thoughts. Finished?

Alright, your next step is to start a discussion.

Create an issue to start a conversation. Tell us what you're trying to accomplish and how you think you might do it. If all is well, we will collaborate on delivering the feature.


Of course, if you run into any straight-up bugs or weirdness feel free to skip the thinking (or at least too much of it) and immediately submit an issue.

We have an issue template in place that will ask you some details about the platform you are running and how to reproduce the bug. (If you can reproduce it reliably. If not, go ahead and file the issue anyway so we can start looking at it.)

Some of the usual stuff we'll want to know:

  • What happened? "I manifested a being from the outer dimensions."
  • What did you expect to happen? "Hello, world."
  • How can you reprodice it? "I created a new FG42 cube with the template, then installed some code that Bob Howard gave me."
  • What operating system and version are you using? e.g. "Gentoo stable"
  • What version of Emacs are you using? e.g. "Emacs 27.1"
  • What FG42 version are you using? e.g. "3.0.0"

Even better, include a link to a gist or repository where we can jump straight to the problem.